It’s summer time and you know what that means. It’s the time of year when music festivals and concerts are in full swing. They provide great opportunities to create some amazing images. All you need to understand is the skill of  how to work with the lighting available and you are good to go. This time round, I joined the band and made it to the NDOTO show at the Safaricom centre by the Lele and Aziza band.

Shooting concerts has helped me learn more about how I see, and to develop my vision. Through shooting regularly, I’ve been able to find my style, and to hone in on the type of lighting scenarios I enjoy having in front of my lenses the most. I’ve learned where to position the camera in relation to the light to get certain effects, like lens flare, in shots.

It’s taught me how to tweak settings in post production to get the most impact out of the images. It’s opened my eyes to complementing and contrasting colors. To the impact of showing a full range of coverage, from close-up detail shots to wide coverage… The list goes on. Just like NDOTO, I feel like my dreams are almost coming to view.

Fast forward a couple years to today. I still love concert photography, and plan on continuing to do it. But this year I’m going making an effort to transition more into portrait photography. That doesn’t mean I won’t be bringing part of my concert photography with me, however.

Through honing my vision, I hope to bring a unique take on portraiture. By translating certain aspects from the stage to the studio, I plan on exploring new possibilities (to me anyway) in portrait photography.

Thanks to all the lessons learned above, I have ideas moving  around loosely in good faith in my head that I’m noodling on, trying to figure out how that transformation is going to look like. All in all I loved the show and the outcome as well. Waiting eagerly to take on my next assignment.

Photography by Joe Lukhovi

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