Kama si sisi

I admit it, whenever I pull a festival assignment I piss and moan with the best of them. The days are long, the photographic gear is heavy, the food sometimes sucks, and something expensive always ends up covered in in dirt in something cheap and sticky. All this in a day but this is what life is.

Yet despite all this, there’s a rare and beautiful part of music that only exists at festivals, but despite all that I was glad to take up this assignment Kama si sisi organizer’s reached me. Am a great fun of Juliani and i totally support the cause.

Here are some of my favorite shots from my recent shoot with Juliani. This photo was taken amongst dozens of equipment and the falling sun that were to be transformed into musical art installations as part of the project.Kama si sisi is a public musical and society project founded by the artist that places in the local areas of urban estates throughout the public spaces of Nairobi City.

Kama si sisi is an amazing non-profit organization that mobilizes the local artists and youth to be liable in the society and enhance best practices as per its mandate. One of a kind attitude change initiative that encourage the youth to be actively involved in the Political, Economical, Social agenda in their community and country at large. All this is aimed to develop and benefit the society.

Kama si sisi is a conviction,a commitment to the all the youth to leave their surrounding better than they found it. If you’re an artist(visual/audio) interested in making a difference, you should definitely learn more about kama si sisi. It’s a curious mood. 

Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Nairobi, Kenya