Mt. Longonot 2013/14

Well 2013 is just about to come to an end. How time goes fast! Am here, already climbing Mt. Longonot crater, hoping to go round the 7.2km disc of rocks. I am discovering the inner me, come 2014. Doing my last day of the year 2013, at least on top of the crater.

Sample some of the images. More to come next year!!








Photography :: Joel Lukhovi

Location :: Mt. Longonot Crater


The lakeside beauty

For the past 3 months I have been involved in some traveling expeditions in and out of the country. It all began when I got this new and exciting job opportunity that required me to move around major cities and towns in Eastern Africa. Purpose, documenting the people’s lifestyle, culture and how their nightlife works.

However, being a wildlife and nature enthusiast, I would end up visiting the wildlife and natural scenarios/centres along the way contributing to my own personal work.

These are part of the images i took while at the lake Nakuru national park. The beauty that the lake posses is beyond word. Also the thing that captured my eyes was the fact that the lake is expanding its banks due to the Mau forest conservation.

The size of the lake has eventually expanded kilometers inside letting the management redesign the path way to facilitate ease of movement. This is a positive feedback and my hope is that the lake will continue being a hub of many kind of species of birds and land animals as well.

In the next couple of weeks i will be dedicate myself in posting the wonderful moments i have experienced first hand and the beautiful people i have come across in “Hyped East Africa” tour.

Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Lake Nakuru national park