Champion-Christ Cycoz

When I originally with this music trio, Christ Cycoz, years back, I really appreciated their humble personality, and I could also tell that they exactly knew what they were doing. My photo session expectations were already steaming up. The alternative hip hop gospel music trio known finally released their latest video for their single, Champion. The group is made up of Ben, Dambiz and KaGz, and was formed in late 2010 after they graduated from Upper Hill School.

christ cycoz_joe

Their latest track was written to bring to light the fact that at times “we”/people look at what we don’t have and let that thought hinder “us” from appreciating what we have. We are all champions in one way or the other. Christ has given us the victory we need. All we have to do is just look a little bit closer. “We hope the track opens every listener’s eyes so that they may realize that they are indeed champions,” the group says.

christ cycoz_lukhovi

As a group, CC of course have extremely diverse tastes in music and what they
strive to do in every jam, is to incorporate these different styles in their
music, giving each one a chance to express themselves without any hindrance. But the major goal that acts as the heart of the group, is to reach out and
minister to the young people in the society so that they can lead positive
lifestyles with God in the driver’s seat letting him take control of their

It was a great pleasure having a photo session with this amazing boy band in Nairobi.

Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Location :: Pumwani Social Centre – Gikomba


Nairobi’s Concert

Concert photography is a great field to take on but it surely has its own challenges, which on most occasions may appear not to be real in whatever way. It took a while before I could be able to do this kind of thing. Maybe it comes with time and now it is based on the kind of style one needs to associate with. This far, I have come to appreciate what concerts have to offer and it has been my kind of style. Am liking every little moment of it.

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Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Icon of style – Sam

Despite spending most of his time behind the camera capturing other people, uncle Sam personal style is certainly worth remembering. Sam Ouma has been a true renaissance man of the late twentieth century in Kenya, working as a photographer and director.

During this period, Sam traveled throughout the country photographing everyone from the rural poor to celebrities, documenting the many different stories and faces of Kenyan life. Later in his career Sam began taking up several projects on photography in Mombasa, Kisumu and beyond Kenya.

Through his work, Sam captured how an individual’s appearance can tell so much about them.  Sam’s personal style conveyed a sense of relaxed complexity that reflected his own personality.  He often wore thick blazers and denim, embodying his comfortably sense of style.

Sam’s trademark expressed his distinct personality through his wardrobe, and it can be seen in some of his photo works. His presentation during the PAWA254 SALON MASTERCLASS was totally great and insightful.

Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Art for climate change

Advancing dialogue in the field of climate change has been a challenge in the past for visual artists. Not at all, artists are waking up now to climate change. But what good can they do – and how green is their work? I reveal how they’re dealing with the threat of catastrophe through several projects that were carried out at the ongoing COP 17 in Durban, South Africa.

From various media outlets, the efforts to try to clarify and make relevant the climate change story, two points stand out. One involves the challenge of adequately addressing the nuances of science, making the story both scientifically rigorous and yet accessible.

The second one entirely involves how to make climate change issues tangible to a public which, studies show, often thinks the issue is remote from them in time and space.

Now, artists have begun to address both issues, mainly finding relevant avenues to address the climate change issue. And, increasingly, they are getting their inspiration from scientists and researchers. Several are delighted that climate change is attracting the attention it needs.

Photography by Joe Lukhovi

Joe Lukhovi is a freelance photographer currently, based and living in Nairobi, Kenya. His style is diverse, ranging from portrait to documentary photography. He is working with projectsurvivalmedia as a youth climate photographer.

Anto Neo Soul

When Anto Neosoul invited me to come over and cover behind the scene still images of his video making  “Chips Funga” , I did not hesitate. It was like a moment that one would not assume at all.  Anto Neosoul is just among some of the uprising neosoul artists who are taking the music industry slowly to new levels.

Under any ordinary circumstances, would you expect any other kind of inspiration apart from this. The lighting and weather was great, not to forget the main characters. Among them Hanako.

Brian Msafiri, who was the director of the video shoot is one highly skilled and well experienced film maker.

From one angle to another, at the rooftop of Kimathi house, along Kenyatta avenue, more interesting story lines kept coming up. Over and over again.

The idea was to synchronise simple activities that happen within a closed/open set-up before and after a lady has been funguad by a guy in a club or any other social place.

Siteiya rocked the set with her intense creativity. I’l put it this way, “if this something still haunts you, still hovers like a debt like a promise unkept, know since this I have not yet comfortably slept.”

Just a few of the amazing camera angles Brian kept playing with during the night scene that ran for a couple of minutes.

Interesting that Anto Neosoul was the one in control, this time round, directing this particular scene, which was aimed to converse with the audience.It was based on what a club atmosphere resembles. What really goes on? How does a guy get to convince a lady, constantly checking his plan just to keep in check?

Moral of the story; Stick to whom you are with. Its NOT always that GREEN on the other side. Apart from a few mishaps, the shoot was enjoyable, the artist and entire cast were so excellent to work with. Peace!!

Photography :: Joe Lukhovi

Artist :: Anto Neosoul

Location :: Kimathi House

Urban Destruction

This time round it was Omosh Kindeh’s turn. If you happen not to know much about the Kenyan art industry when it comes to the field of painting, then this is one guy you need to meet or pay a visit to his studio and get to see his work. He understands the theory of discipline-having grown up in a family of a soldier at the military barracks-and this relates well with the kind of work he does.

In my honest opinion, Kindeh is one laid back guy who mainly interacts freely with anyone around him at his open space studio. As I got to learn, he is one person who would take time to listen to your stories, share his opinion as he engages his brush and canvas tools to work.

We have been close friends with Kindeh, ever since I got to meet him at one of the gallery exhibitions at RAMOMA in Parklands a few years back. When approached recently to have a short documentary of the project he is working on, dubbed as “Urban Destruction”, I was up to the task. I chose to relate to the ongoing art project and through this I had to revisit Mathare slums and get the whole idea revamped.

This theme depicts the kind of habitation that has slum in the City of Nairobi and the rest of the major cities in Africa, due to the rural to urban migration. From a far you can see thousands of houses constructed next to each other within a crowded space.

Through out this discussion am moved to inquire what the message of this project is intended to get to. Are we neglecting our people to live in such deplorable conditions? For kindeh, he has been able to move around the world, having lived at some of these slums just to get the real experience and what it feels like.

The kind of desire one meets when watching him paint one drop at a time as he does the layering of the “wet” hanging clothes on the gorofa is gross.

Words :: Kindeh

Studio location:: Kuona Trust

Photography:: Joe Lukhovi


So my first week as an intern at Kuona Trust Art Center has really proved to be interesting.The first day of the internship was the day we had the summer school brief meeting and it felt so good to be a part of something big.

I assisted Sylvia-my tutor-organize her studio. I had never talked quite alot to a professional photographer before so it felt nice to talk to someone who knew a lot about photography and art and who’s had a lot of experience in the art business. During the talk I learnt about how to progress in photography and some do’s and don’ts about what to look for or do with my photos.

Well on my end I got my curiosity out of the box and to start it off, my first assignment was to tell a relatively simple story that revolved around the art center. My story was about the bicycle. One that the security guard on most occasion uses to commute to and fro work. I rather found this kind of photography quite fascinating since the mood was set and the sunlight…mmmhhhh! good.

At my internship I figured some things out like asking questions and memorizing names and faces because a lot of people are in the art business and I’m starting to recognize people and names and sometimes I can even tell whose work it is just by looking at it.


I am very grateful to Kuona Trust, I got the opportunity to do this internship and I know, even more now, that I want to go into art and photography so I can be apart of something like this and learn from my experiences.

Photos and concept :: Joe Lukhovi