Am Joel Lukhovi, a self taught freelance photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Am passionate about photography as a form of art and willing to explore the world and learn, in the quest of knowledge and skills.  I take a lot of photos and enjoy teaching my methods to anyone willing to learn – this is my blog, but check out my portfolio. Photography has just been more than a personal thing to me

Through it, I have experienced fundamental moments in my life this far I have gone. It’s by constructing different meanings, telling real stories about real people in time and space and just not photographing with a camera but also with the soul.

Breaking the cycle of silence and neglect, the experience of those whose voice is seldom heard has been brought out into the open so that their identity can be revealed.

I believe photography can bring change – anybody in any part of the world can understand the language of images. Today, I count myself very much blessed, doing what I love.

To be able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless, to bring their identity to the forefront, gives meaning and purpose to my own life. I have learnt to believe that through photography as a form of art, I can easily open up and express out my inner feelings.

We live in a world obsessed with image. What we look like, what our clothes look like. I like to counter this obsession with superficial appearance by using a camera to strip back the layers and show what it is like on the surface. We all make assumptions based on the external visual aspects of what surrounds us.

I like to challenge the automatic way that we react to just physical appearing by highlighting the often surprising inner beauty.

Through practise, I have gained the love and skill of building seemingly complex compositions in a simple structured manner. It all lies in the power of believing and not having any doubt whatsoever in life about what you are doing.

Am honoured to have the opportunity to share with you through these images, a part of my world and myself. Lukhovi Joel


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  1. Joe Lukhovi keep up the good work its getting bigger and better from where im standing from.God bless!

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